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Unsolicited Testimonials for

Izak Matatya's IBS - the Infallible Baccarat System:

"Congratulations on a marvelous achievement.....developing the first legitimate baccarat system to defeat ALL 600 bac shoes! "                       Don K.

"Izak,  Thanks for a wonderful system. I ran my last 20 shoes from Harrah's Casino in Shreveport using IBS and all were winners averaging about 18 units per shoe. Until now I have only been getting an average of 2.2 per shoe at best using other methods.

Thanks again, WOW what a system!"                                               Anion

"Izak, IBS is simply awesome for Baccarat"                                  Mr. Vegas

"IBS is worth every penny"                                                              Ervin

"Izak,  thanks for IBS... have made 300+ units after 20 shoes...!
  truly amazing... :-)"                                                                         Tony Man

"I have purchased the system and I think it is GREAT!... Now I promise you all I wouldn't say that lightly... Fact is, the reasoning behind it all is totally logical...

This IBS has won over 1600 verified shoes. Now, if that is not good enough, I don't know what is!  In my opinion, IBS is easy to play, and with the knowledge that it can go a thousand + shoes without losing, what else can you ask for?

OK... I have now spent another 14 consecutive hours playing online (my partner and I are doing 2 shoes each and then change shift! :-)!)... Running profit is now 830 units (Ј1 a unit) after nearly 60 shoes... Once I have won the original bankroll, I will restart at Ј1 a unit...

I must give Izak some credit for his IBS..."                                      Chairsun

"I have played enough systems to recognize how this works and am so far -"super impressed" - you may just have discovered the "Holy Grail".   

I think you are a genius - just hope the game stays in long enough for us now"                                                                                                     Rob

"I bought the system set up an account with and played for an hour made 36 units. I will keep you guys updated how I do but I must say Izak  has come up with the best betting system I have ever seen.  Great system."                                                                                               Nathan

"I've purchased the system, and like Izak said it's not difficult to play.   So far, I have only played for fun (no money) online and I'm up over 150 units after 2 days. I've also done a short test playing craps with IBS but using the field bet instead of pass don't pass, and the results are pretty much the same."                                                                                                Benjamin

"I have the system and so far I must say this is a great system, the best system I have seen so far, and I have tested hundreds of systems.

I have been practicing using the shoes at and so far they have all won, with no huge drawdowns experienced yet.

Thank you for all your hard work Izak!! I truly believe that IBS *is* the Holy Grail!"                                                                                                 Christian

"Dear Izak,
Congratulations on your new baccarat system.  I truly believe it to be the best system developed so far. "

my partner and I have now played IBS since last for nearly 5 straight days on an online casino..
profit so far after nearly 150 shoes is 3042 / £1units..
I originally set out 2000 / £1 units as bankroll, almost half expecting a session limit bust out of 1000 units (even though it hardly ever happened in Izak's testing!!)...
After about 80 shoes, I had reached 1000 units profit and i decided to double my stake to £2 a unit... I have attained another 1000 / £2 units since then, and profit is now just over 3000.... I now have £5000 as bankroll and will be playing £2 a unit from now on..."                                                      Tony Man

"+5,181 units made
for the entire 600 Zumma shoes"

The Infallible Baccarat System
by Izak Matatya


For the last 4 years, I have been trying to find the optimum system to beat the casino at the game of Baccarat and I can say that I have found it.  Hundreds of hours of research have finally paid off.  I'm very excited and very proud to present you IBS, the Infallible Baccarat System.

Yes, I know, it's been said that no system is infallible.  Then why should this one suddenly be?  And why would I make such a strong statement?  It may even infuriate many who believe no casino game is beatable. 

When I had this idea for IBS, I built a simulator for it, the way I do for my other systems and I started testing it on my computer for over thousands of shoes.  Almost every shoe gave a positive result.  It was too good to be true. 

I said I should try it then on real Baccarat shoes.  I thought maybe something is wrong with my simulator, although the programming looked right.  I took the Zumma tester: 72 Days at the Baccarat table by Erick St. Germain, and there also almost every single shoe of the 600 Zumma shoes gave a positive result.

And no, I did not reverse engineer the Zumma tester to come up with the system.  The system came first, then the testing.

You must be wondering how this is possible.  No one ever was able to yield positive results on almost each and every single shoe.  There must be a catch. 

Well, we'll see about that.  The casino has an unlimited amount of bankroll, against which we compete.  We cannot come anywhere close to this kind of bankroll.  We want to be able to use a couple of hundred units and still come up ahead.  This is indeed a challenge, but IBS makes it feasible for you.  It's not easy to come up with an unbeatable strategy, but also don't expect to win every single shoe of Baccarat with a 20 unit bankroll.  In fact, in order to have this kind of performance, IBS will require 1000 unit bankroll. 

If you have a 1000 unit bankroll,  IBS will beat every single shoe except 12 out of 600.  You make thousands of units on 588 shoes without being affected by the ones who do not overcome a particular shoe.  No, it's not a double up system using a 10 step Martingale with a progression: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512.  As a matter of fact, you can even lose the first 50 decisions of the shoe and will still come up positive in that shoe without ever exceeding table limits.  With a Martingale, or any other progression I know, you would be out of the shoe after 10-15 consecutive losses.

Following are the test results for IBS - 1000 unit bankroll on the Zumma tester book by Erick St. Germain.   All 600 shoes played continuously as though they were one big shoe.

Overall units won: +2811
The number of runs requiring more than 1000 units per run: 12
The run is abandoned when 1000 units is not sufficient to place the next bet and a new one is started right at the next hand.

Those 12 runs occur at:

- Shoe 1 to Shoe 189 hand 71, +3608 units gained continuously

1) Shoe 189 hand 71, cumulative units go from +3608 to +2853
2) Shoe 202 hand 36, cumulative units go from +3067 to +2428
3) Shoe 205 hand 9, cumulative units go from +2473 to +1578
4) Shoe 319, hand 1, cumulative units go from +3749 to +3150
5) Shoe 340, run 67, cumulative units go from +3553 to +2978
6) Shoe 341, run 57, cumulative units go from +2991 to +2404
7) Shoe 405, run 59, cumulative units go from +3537 to +2642
8) Shoe 437, run 26, cumulative units go from +3231 to +2392
9) Shoe 474, run 35, cumulative units go from +3065 to +2298
10) Shoe 485, run 4, cumulative units go from +2485 to +1718
11) Shoe 523, run 51, cumulative units go from +2429 to +1918
12) Shoe 543, run 27, cumulative units go from +2303 to +1728

- Shoe 543, run 27 until the end of Shoe 600 goes from +1728 to +2811

Average units per shoe: 4.685.

With 1024 units, IBS reaches a peak of +5,141 units, ending the entire 600 Zumma shoes with +3,646 units averaging 6.08 per shoe.

Upon your purchase of IBS, you will receive every single decision (there are 41,008 decisions in the Zumma tester book) documented showing the details of the system, the amount of your bet and the net running total on each decision.

IBS uses a very intelligent betting scheme.  Very relaxed and slow when you are losing and very aggressive when you are winning. It's setup in such a way, that your winning is unavoidable.

Some of you may not have a 1000 unit bankroll.  Does that mean, you cannot use IBS?  With a smaller amount of bankroll, you can still use IBS, but then some more shoes will have a negative result.  However, overall, you will still come up profitable over all 600 Zumma shoes and in practice.

For instance, with a 200 unit bankroll,  the total of all 600 Zumma shoes will then yield 2,025 units profit or 3.375 units average per shoe. This makes the system still quite infallible.

All of this is by the way documented in IBS.  The complete IBS document is 1,347 pages.  It doesn't take that long to understand the system's principle, but every single Zumma shoe and every single decision is there showing you how you win and why you win with proof.  It shows you the results when you have a 1024 unit bankroll.

Normally, you will bet on every single decision from the very beginning of the shoe.  If you wish to join the shoe at a later stage, I can provide you guidance on how and when to do so.  Also, you can leave the shoe towards its end after having completed a run.  This means that if you are say at decision 67 of a shoe and you have completed a run, you can leave that shoe without starting a new run. 

So, no need for tracking, no need to wait for a free seat to join the Baccarat table and be lucky about it when the time comes.  You join the shoe at the very beginning, play totally relaxed and confident that you will win and quit the shoe towards its end.

Now, I don't know if you are convinced that the system is infallible or not, but I tend to use it every time I go to the casino and make between 8 and 30 units per shoe.  I use a 200 unit bankroll of $20 minimum, that is $4,000.  My mini-bac table limits are $20 minimum and $2000 maximum, which is quite ample to use IBS.  This allows me to place up to 100 unit bet if necessary.  The highest I went was a 90 unit bet and this happened after I played about 60 shoes.  I lost one shoe when my 200 unit bankroll was depleted and it happened after I won 35 shoes.  The same shoe would have won, if I had 640 unit bankroll.  I hope this gives you an idea on the system's performance level.

The price of the system is $500 and it's worth every penny.  

Don't worry if you already have Reward, since it comes with it for free anyway.  Also, it is a prerequisite to know Reward, as IBS will use some of its principles and particular cases.

Think about the system's profitability:  You will make a minimum of 4 units per shoe.  At $20 minimum bet or unit value, this means $80 profit per shoe.  If a shoe takes an hour to play, although Baccarat is much faster than Roulette, $80 will be your hourly profit.   It will even give you some time to relax and walk around between shoes.  With 5 hours of Baccarat per day, it will be easy to make $400 a day.  As you win, you can increase your unit value all the way to $100 to make $2,000 a day

Money back guarantee?  Of course.  You can test the system over the 600 Zumma shoes with 1024 unit bankroll already provided to you within the system document , and if you don't get the documented results, I will return you your money, no questions asked, as long as you claim it within 30 days of your purchase.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on
IBS - the Infallible Baccarat System

Q: Hi Izak,

Very impressive results!!!! I have some questions though. I hope you can address them.

A: Of course, thatís what Iím here for.

Q: I'm assuming that the average is gross and not net per shoe. Can you please tell me what the net win per shoe after all commissions for both the 1000 lifetime and 200 lifetime?

A: After commissions and uncompleted Zumma runs you gain 2811 units in 600 shoes. For 1000 unit lifetime bankroll, your net average win is 2811/600 = 4.685 units per shoe. For 200 unit bankroll, your net average win is: 2,025 units profit for 600 shoes or 3.375 units average per shoe. Please note that the 200 unit is not for lifetime but for a shoe or session.

Q: Are you going to start playing this system at the casinos with the 1000 units or 200 lifetime units?

A: I have started with 200 units per session (buy-in). It makes me lose some shoes, but doesnít stop me from profiting large amount of units shoe after shoe. Once I have a substantial bankroll accumulated, I will increase its size.

Q: It looks like your buy in will be 100 units using 1000 units lifetime. How many units will I buy in for if I use the method with 200 lifetime units?

A: 100 units or 200 units are not lifetime bankrolls, they are bankrolls you will need for a shoe or for a session. 1000 units is sufficient for a lifetime bankroll. Your buy-in amount should be 200 units. 100 units will not produce the same results.

Q: What was the biggest bet in terms of units using the 200 lifetime units method?

A: I went up to 90. Again the 200 was for the shoe.

Q: So let me get this right, you only lost 16 shoes out of 600 playing the method adjusted for 200 lifetime units. Is that right ?

A: Yes, but 200 for the session. This also means that if I had lost 2 shoes back to back, I would have lost 400 units, but as mentioned by the time I lost one shoe I was up by 700 units already.

Q: Do you truly think that this is the best system you have seen for the game of bac, including all the Powerplays and your Kiss system?

A: Absolutely.

Q: I am sure I'll have additional questions but think of them now. I hope to hear from you very soon. God Bless and Happy Holidays!!!

A: Happy Holidays to you, too.

Q: Thank you for your interesting e-mail on the IBS system.  Will it work at on-line casinos?

A: It surely works on-line, too. Itís just that on-line you have no beginning or end of a shoe. Continuous play makes IBS win even better as every run comes to a winning resolution.

Q: Hello Izak!

No doubt you are buried in questions and responses re: IBS !!!!!

Here is one more when you find time:

If the system performs as it does, (in fact, I happen to believe you), wouldn't it effectively change the very rules of baccarat - or perhaps there are no countermeasures, in which case the game might be eliminated worldwide if enough players start using it?

A: The system does perform the way itís announced. It may indeed change some things in the casino. Maybe not the rules, but the table limits. I have seen Baccarat table limits from $20 minimum to $20,000 maximum and even more. For those limits, IBS is simply unbeatable. People should not use the system with high exposure, but cautiously, otherwise, they tend to get noticed. I keep a low profile, navigate a lot between shoes and never play at the same table more than 1 hour, don't go to the casino every day and surely don't brag about the system during play. Keep cool and pretend you're being lucky.

Q: What is the biggest size bet needed and are you able to stay under the table limits? Thanks

A: The table limits will differ depending on where you play. I have seen $20 minimum up to $20,000 maximum limits, giving Baccarat a range of 1 to 1000 units.  This range can be seen on-line, too

I never went higher than 90. If a 144 unit or higher would be required, for instance, one could also place two bets of 72 units, without affecting the system's performance, but simply delaying the winning resolution.

Q: Izak, your system look amazing .

Does the results you provided in your e-mail is after the 5% commissions paid?

A: Yes, the results are net - after commissions.

Q: Izak,

I've just had a look at my inbox. Your email is very interesting! Unfortunately there is no way I could raise a 1000 unit bankroll, but if your figures are accurate the system has HUGE potential.

Could I ask you to do the following: give us a profit/loss breakdown, in units, for a 200 unit bank and then likewise for a 500 unit bank, in the same way as you did it for the 1000 unit bank.

A: I wouldn't use it with less than 100 units per session/shoe, because then your bankroll will not be adequate to complete the winning run.

With 100 unit bankroll, you will still win more than 70% of all Zumma shoes, with a 200 unit bankroll more than 80% of all Zumma shoes, with 500 units, more than 90%, and with 1000 unit bankroll more than 98% of all shoes.

Q: Izak:

I am basically a Craps player. With this work with Craps also? How do you send or transmit the 1100+ pages?

A: Yes, it will work well for Craps even bets, Don't Pass vs Pass Lines.

I transmit the 1400 pages in WinZip format. It comes out to be .5MB per file.

Q: Would this work on 4 and 6 deck shoes okay. I was just wondering, because I find, generally, that 4 deck shoes are rather more choppy than 8 deck shoes. Not so many long streaks. 6 decks are somewhere in between.

A: For a change IBS does not depend on streaks and chops, such as in the case of KISS, FBMP or PowerPlay and also does not depend on the number of decks.   It will work for all cases and events of Baccarat.

Q: Dear Izak,
Is the system easy too learn?

A: Oh yes, the system is fairly easy to learn. Itís enough to practice it for a couple of hours. Its proof is quite long to demonstrate, but itís there, too.

Q: Hi Izak,

Thanks for the quick email back. Appreciate it.
You mentioned to me on your response to my email that you net +4 and change per shoe in the Zumma, while you state to another person on the board that the figures given are already net. Which is correct?

A: The figures are net after commissions and they depend on the amount of bankroll you have. For 1000 unit +4.685, for 200 units +3.375.

Q: Also, it would be great to eventually play at the $100 unit base level as you mentioned. But is it realistic, especially when you have to buy in for $20,000?

A: It may be realistic for some. They are high rollers and have this kind of bankroll.

Q: Is there a way to disguise the buy in, perhaps buying in a little at a time?

A: Yes, since you can buy more chips any time between decisions, this is very possible, as long as the dealer doesnít mind being interrupted every 3-4 decisions. Iíd rather buy up front and have my stock available when I need it.

Q: Another problem I have is that I play in AC or CT where the game starts at quarters. That requires a lifetime bank of $25 x 1000= $25,000

Is there a way to remedy that?

A: You donít have to buy in your lifetime bankroll, just start with 200 units for the session and use your winnings later on.

Q: So essentially, with a 1000 units....that's divided 5 times ---so 200 units buy in, right?

A: Exactly.

Q: Does this system require extensive record-keeping at the table?

A:  Yes, you need to keep track of your betting amounts, but itís allowed to keep score at Baccarat tables, not in Blackjack though.

Q: Can IBS be used at "mini" baccarat? Some so called experts have said there is some sort of statistical difference between the small table and the big table versions of the game, such as the size of the shoes, how the cards are dealt, etc., but personally, I think this matters very little, if at all. I think it all comes down to the little over 1% house edge you have to buck.

A: IBS handles both mini-Bac and normal Bac tables very efficiently.

Q:  How do you account for beating the house percentage? My guess it is in the betting
progression, and the entry and exit points, which I believe can negate the house percentage. Am I right, or close?

A: With IBS you will win 49.315% of all your bets and you need to win only 26%. This gives the player a long run edge, unlike any other system I know. Why you need to win only 26% is all documented in the system document.

Q: Will this system work on the internet, where you can make $1.00 bets using the $1,000 Bankroll.

A: Internet play makes it even more convenient for a few reasons:

1) The shoe has no beginning and no end, so every run will come to a winning resolution.
2) You have time to think and calculate your next bet amount, without being pressured by the dealer's speed.
3) You can run a simulator in parallel to casino's software.
4) You can bet smaller units and change tables to higher ranges if necessary.
5) The algorithm cannot be guessed by the casino software. On the contrary, even an initial long losing streak will not affect IBS' performance.

Q: Are the playing rules for IBS strictly mechanical as far as where to place the bet and when to exit the shoe? Another way to put this question maybe is would all players of this method get the same results? Thanks.

A: IBS is very mechanical. If players use the same bankroll, they will get the same results. The only variations you will get is if players use a full IBS or split bet technique. The other variations will be if players use a bankroll between 200 and 1000 units. With a 200 buy-in, some shoes may result negatively, whereas the same shoes would come to a winning resolution with a higher bankroll.

IBS Evaluation

"The IBS baccarat write up looks great. I'm all for positive profits. If it produces that kind of profits, maybe the whole board will finally get rich :-)"

"It may be a similar method of how I play of using a big bankroll to counterbalance and overcome any excessive deviations by providing some semblance of controlling randomness. I just know that you have to find a method to stay within the bounds of excessive counter runs before bust out occurs vs the bankroll you are playing."

"I really hope this is finally a documented system that can turn players in to winners and give them full control. 1000 units really isn't a lot. As I have been saying, even with no house edge playing these 'other' systems with modest bankrolls of 100-200 units will come a day that knocks you out, and that can happen back to back."

"I am sincere and really wish this enhances everyone's play. I will wait to watch the pending results like everyone else to see how it goes over the next week or two. My fingers are crossed and hats off to Izak for compiling and offering such a potentially profitable system. I know it doesn't offer a mathematical advantage, but you don't need one to make great profits as long as you are profiting more frequently than losing."

"I'll continue with my own personal efforts, and really hope IBS finally provides everyone the tools to take the casino's for a nice ride and control their destiny."

"All the best wishes for Izak's IBS system, and sincerest success to all that achieve those results... I love seeing profits rise!"

"My intention is mainly to make risk free profits and for people to be in control of their own money, so if I can help you get extra risk free money from bonus participation guarantees, I will be happy to still help. And you can do as you like as I always stated...I don't have any hidden agenda, other than us trying to make as much as money in a risk-free fashion exploiting what I what I know. ...if IBS works for folks, there are thousands of casinos and trillions to profit from :-)... I don't think any casino would come up with counter measures to stop a Bac system, only if you collude or cheat in some here's hoping for the miracle that people have been waiting for"

"Yesterday I was in the casino playing this new system.  I played 6.5 shoes, it took me around 8 hours, sometimes shoes were taking 50 minutes sometimes 90 minutes.  I used these two rules as I was a little hesitant using this first up.  No more then 20 units on a single bet. Do not lose more than 200 units on a shoe as I only had 700 units on me there and then.  I will post in more detail how I went in the next day or two but is how day one turned out.

Played 6.5 shoes
Won 122 units

Average Win per shoe: 18.8 units.

Notes: Won every shoe. Biggest lot I was down was 56 units. I should have bet 56 units straight up, but instead I bet 20,20,16 to get back to a +1 result.

So far so good Izak."

"Well I am up over 400 units.  However the place I play at has a 1-300 betting range and in one of today's session I had to make a 256 unit bet. I won that bet but if it would have lost I would have been over the limit and lost around 500 units"


I have experimented with the split bet and that seems the way to go. Does using the split bet change the math formula at all ? I would think if used correctly one could play within a 200 or 300 unit lifetime bankroll and be fine. Your average net per shoe would be lower of course, as it might take a shoe or two to clear in the bad situation, but I would think if the math is the same it would eventually clear. What do you think?"

"In terms of the math, you are still going to win 49.513% of all bets. Until the stage you do not need the split betting, as not in all shoes do you require to bet high amounts and you need to set a certain value where you would split your bets, you are still using IBS as is with the need of winning only 26% of all your bet in order to come up ahead.  This 26% percentage, which represents the percentage of the bets you need to win in order to complete your run will increase with the usage of the split bet and it will start approaching the 49%. As long as this percentage is kept below 49%, the system will overcome long run. And this is very easily accomplished with a partial usage of the split bet technique - and only when it's necessary."

"I will say it again so people will feel comfortable winning and losing. (Basically gambling)

IBS gives you a calculated high percentage probability of achieving modest wins per shoe (or string of decisions) while risking up to 1000 units. How does it do this? Easy. Using a large bankroll, progressing the bets that overcome most shoes, to grind out one unit at a time, on average 7-13 units per shoe.

Now if you limit and cap the bets, and try adding stop loses...all that is dandy, but you will just be limiting the profits and losses.

By stopping at any particular point in time, and deciding to start over, is almost a 50/50 bet... either you would have won the next bet to recoup, or lost it. The only difference with having limits in gambling is psychological. This is not like stock trading, that risk/reward changes based on "good or bad news" of the markets whims. In casino gambling, the percentages are "basically" fixed, so tweaking any system, only changes the parameters you will operate under.

So with IBS, Izak has presented a system to take like a 99% chance to make 1% profits (percentages more or less approximate)...If you don't want that kind of play of having to risk 1000 units for continuous 13 unit profit until 1000 unit bust. Then you can cut it down, and take a 89% chance to win 10%. Or cut down back down to single bets... take 49.5% chance to win 50%...but once and you are done...take your 50% profit and run.

So at 1% win rate, it may take about 100 shoes to recoup... but if you get lucky or have a decent way to track, you may play 1000's of shoes until you best, or you can bust a few times before 100 shoes. It is gambling and the percentages of risk/reward never change over the long haul.

My own finding and my favorite way of playing are similar to this type of approach. Using a large bankroll, and making the chance of ruin so remote, that I just keep playing and cashing out until I decide to stop. (Realizing the day will come to take me down...if it takes me down once I'm ahead, then that is good, if it takes me down before I get ahead, those are the breaks, and if I get lucky, I may never encounter a bad run until I'm 1000%+ ahead.)

Bottom line, realize the risks in all gambling, decide how you like proceeding in your money management preference, analyze the deviations of most shoes, and determine if your approach overcomes most shoes, then just go for it.

There is a mathematical formula for any string of data series to appear, and the simple matter is a streak of 15, or 25, 40 decisions of any pattern whether chop, or 3-5-2-1-4, or straight streak pattern is the exact same likely hood as any pattern coming up 15 decisions. Now that's in theory, what happens over the short term while anyone plays...its all random from there.

Keep playing and winning!"

"As many have astute gamblers have said on this board, and I will reiterate it as it regards to IBS. Our advantage in gambling comes from the fact that we have control of when and how much to bet. So using a good progression doesn't give a true edge over casino, but it definitely gives an inversely proportionate increase percentage in winning some 'units' at the increased risk. As you risk more to make less, your winning percentage increases. If we find the balance of big risk, with super high percentage of constantly grinding out a unit profit, then it is all of our hopes that we will never face, that 1 in X chance to bust. So whether it is 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 100,000, or 1 in 1million... the risk reward becomes relative to those numbers. IBS seems to win about 8-13 units for the 1000 unit risk, so there is about a 1% profit per shoe on average, so if you can win more than 100 shoes on average without a bust, THAT is can't ask for anything more. So keep up the excellent work, and make hay and profits while and all you can."

"Overall Izak has mentioned his findings, along with others, about the potential losses being -1000 units, and others having to make large bets, to continue the run, so I think Izak this time has been forthcoming, and whether over the long run profits continue to rise, it is apparent many people are happy with IBS."

"I clearly believe there is no edge in any gambling system, but just different techniques to balance risk/reward and strategize to mitigate loss while accumulating profits. And I think Izak has done a worthwhile effort."

Thanking again everyone who participated in evaluating IBS.

IBS is $500 and is worth every penny.  With your purchase, you will also receive the great Reward system priced at $78 as a free bonus.  It's an opportunity not to be missed.

Click here to order.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

"I purchased Izak's IBS just about a week ago. And although I may be overcharging here is my 2 many of you have, I also have studied perhaps a thousand and one roulette, baccarat, craps, even money, flat bet, progression, and every other approach and well known (and many not so well know) systems for years and years. I've lived in both Las Vegas and Reno Nevada. I have also frequented the major roulette boards for years with very limited posting due to the many rude and cynical responses one receives.

After many many years of searching, testing, etc. I've come to the conclusion that Izak's IBS is most likely the closest thing to "The Perfect System" that one is going to find. Although, and with much respect, we all know that it is not "Perfect" nor is it "infallible". It is, however, in my humble opinion the very best in concept and mathematical base and is most likely the only practical answer to "The Holy Grail" that all of us have been searching for.

If one is able to contain their emotions, stick to strict money management, don't deviate any of the rules you set down for yourself, don't drink, and leave the table at the proper time, win or lose...then, and only then, do you have even a slight chance of coming out ahead in the long haul.

Now I KNOW you've all heard this before, however, VERY FEW, if any, are ever able to stick by it as law!

The cancellation/splitting system has been around for centuries in many various forms. I've tried and tested many of them for years. As I mentioned, the cancellation/ splitting concept is the closest thing to "infallible" that the searcher is ever going to find. Izak has done a superlative job in putting this particular approach together in IBS. You'll not find a better "system" out there! Look though you might, you will not find it!

I commend Izak for his insight. All professionally minded players should be able to recognize the value in IBS"                                                                     Jman

"I play the Casinos full time now. It is all I do. IBS has made it possible. My luck may hit a rough spot but I would have to lose 50 games in a row to get set back. I have accumulated a bankroll of 2500 units, and every time I win, it is gravy."


Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

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