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=====================================================  Sunday, October 1, 2023
The New RN4 - Repeating Numbers Version 4 Roulette System Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

Here's a new roulette system that never fails. The best roulette system you will ever own:  Repeating Numbers Version 4 - totally infallible.

Infallible doesn't mean that you will win every run, but means acceptance of small losses versus very large wins and doing this consistently.

And that's exactly what RN4 achieves.

It works on all environments, on either a 00 or single zero roulette table with live or virtual dealers at brick-and-mortar casinos or electronic roulette played from home or at the site.

There have been three previous versions of roulette systems that took advantage of repeating numbers.

This one, Version 4, is the perfected version of all its three predecessors.

This system document has been written totally independently from its previous three versions and you don’t need to have them in order to understand this document.

RN4 beats the entire 15,000 Zumma tester book spins, as well as any 15,000 randomly generated numbers.

Simulations have been provided that show all 15,000 Zumma spins and 15,000 randomly generated spins.

At the end of the randomly generated spin simulation, there is an Excel Macro that runs this simulation 100 times automatically by the pressing of a button.

Every time it runs, generated profits range between 8,000 and 26,000 units for 15,000 spins.

Here's a screen shot of its first 10 runs out of 100:

Running the simulation 100 times gives us results for 1.5 Million spins with cumulative sums that add up to 1.7 million units with a solid average of 1.13 units per spin, an unheard performance for a game that has a 5.27% house edge.

With RN4, you have the edge and when you read and test the system you will see why.

If your bet size is $10, you gain $11.3 per spin on average or $680 an hour.

The 15,000 Zumma spins generate a total of exactly 20,391 units.

There has been no such system ever that has beaten roulette in the long run this way.

The system has been tested by multiple people in multiple environments and results have always been positive.

Following is the performance chart of RN4:

With the following parameters:

Stop Win: 25
Stop Loss: -64
Session Drawdown: -110
Overall Drawdown: 0
Maximum Profit: 20714
End profit: 20391

Randomly generated spins give a very similar graph.

Profits always rise. There is always a new maximum that one reaches, meaning that this system can be used indefinitely to no end and it’s confirmed that it beats the Roulette game for sure.

Repeating Numbers has always been a fascination simply because numbers in roulette do tend to repeat.

There has never been a sequence where in 38 consecutive spins, all 38 numbers were different.

That is very close to impossibility in terms of odds and statistical and historical data.

So roulette numbers WILL repeat. The question is when and what frequency and how we take full advantage of those events.

This system explores all such tendencies and exploits different ranges of repeating numbers.

Should they repeat early enough, the profits will be high and as an additional bonus we will bet more chips.

Should they repeat at a later stage, we will still profit by betting on them.

We simply have to follow some crucial and important criteria discovered and established based on extensive research and testing.

Tests show that numbers can start repeating as early as the first 6 spins and they continue repeating sporadically as more and more numbers come up.

If they have not been repeating for say 10-15 spins, the tendency for them to repeat increases. We then have to cover more numbers.

And in order not to place too many chips on the table when we cover more numbers, we place less chips on those late appearances.

The goal is to maximize our profits by never exceeding table limits and manage our budget in a very disciplined way.

RN4 has the best risk management, as it controls losses to the best extent and profits are unlimited.

RN4 has been tremendously modified over its previous three Repeating Numbers systems.

It has added at least 4 additional criteria to make the system totally infallible.

In fact, every time you run the provided 15,000 random simulation you always get a positive result. 

You can run its Macro simulation thousands of times never failing and profiting over millions of spins.

We can say that with this system, I have officially beaten Roulette confirmed by many testers.  It's the one that you will probably use most often.

Multiple triggers have been introduced to let us know when to start betting and on which numbers.

There are 3-4 different options you can use and each one of them is equally profitable.  You can simply choose the option that suits you or a combination of a few options together.

At an electronic table with a real wheel, you can quietly sit, use your provided template to keep track of numbers and should you place a similar bet to the previous one, there is a repeat bet option with an additional number.  No one can detect what you're doing and you will make thousands in a few hours.

The system document is 23 pages of very easy reading and full of great examples covering all scenarios and options. 

Two simulations are provided for you.  The one for the 15,000 Zumma tester book and one for 15,000 randomly generated spins that has a macro to run it 100 times automatically.

The system goes for $12,000 and it will pay itself within a few days of using it.

At a low budget, the system generates over 20,000 units for 15,000 spins and at a higher bankroll (3 times more), it generates over 63,000 units for 15,000 spins!!  At $1 a unit, this means $63,000!

Here are the parameters used for the more aggressive RN4:

Stop Win: 25
Stop Loss: -64
Session Drawdown: -300
Overall Drawdown: 0
Maximum Profit: 66635
End profit: 63772

with its performance chart:

Still with 0 overall drawdown!! and same stop win and stop loss.  Meaning you will always stay positive.

Buy-in of 300 units and a lifetime bankroll of 3000 units, about 3 times as the lower budget RN4.

RN4 is my 121st system I designed in the last 24 years, probably the best one so far.

Perseverance, patience and strong analysis pays off.  And most importantly never to give up on coming up with a better system every time.

Innovation and simplicity to use are also strong assets.

I would like to make this great system affordable to everyone.  So early bird purchasers can have an enormous discount of 97% and receive the system for $360 only if you buy the system by the end of October 2023.  It's almost like a give away...

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Should the system be not to your liking, you can return it with a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.  I would, however, appreciate, if you could show a log of spins, where the system does not perform as announced.  I doubt that you will have such a log.

Click here to purchase the system.  An automatic download link will open for you.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


Emails: webmaster@letstalkwinning.commatatya.izak@gmail.com (please do no longer use izak.matatya@videotron.ca)

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