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================================================    Thursday, February 14, 2008
The New Compaq Blackjack System

Hello everyone,

This week, I would like to present you a new and very powerful Blackjack system, that does not require card counting. It's called the Compaq Blackjack system by John Taormino and I will let the author introduce it to you:


Dear Blackjack Players: 

My name is John Taormino and I have been playing blackjack for a living since 2002. I learned my trade as a card counter but, as the rules continued to change, my playing edge also diminished as the house's advantage steadily increased. I had to find an answer to this dilemma or I was out of the Blackjack business. 

After a particularly bad playing session at the FOUR QUEENS in downtown Vegas, I ran into fellow professional, Dominic Spence, in the coffee shop. Our conversation invariably led to our common frustrations with the then current multi-deck playing conditions. 
Dom said he had a notion that biased card collection was at the root of the problem. Curiously, I had independently come to the same conclusion. But to what degree was the game being influenced by this alleged bias? And, if it existed, we had to finitely identify the problem before any attack strategy could be devised to overcome it. And so, we both took to this challenge. Our livelihoods were at stake! 

As we continued our discussion, Dom reminded me of the many times we both had played multi-deck Blackjack, with perfect Basic Strategy, and both lost more than the so-called house edge of .55%. That's correct, professionals playing perfect Basic Strategy, and losing more than the mathematical as-advertised casino edge of .55%. And in some cases... a lot more! What in hell was going on there? Let's look at the numbers: 

We know Basic Strategy is predicated on the fact that the dealer will break 28% of the time and will receive a 10 or ACE as the up-card 38.4% (we'll round off to 40% for discussion purposes) of the time. These percentages always have been accepted as the proven mathematical tendencies of Blackjack.... forever etched in stone. So why was Basic Strategy not working for us in these multi-deck games? Was Dom correct? Was there a biased card distribution involved? 

We immediately commissioned a computer analysis of six and eight deck card distribution patterns, and it was programmed specifically to highlight the impacts of card clustering during table play. Two beta testers were subsequently employed to chart and field-verify all of the computer generated tendencies. The overall results of our controlled observations were startling! 

Dealers are receiving ACES & TENS as up-cards at alarmingly HIGHER rates!

Dealer break frequencies are way DOWN !

Obviously, these were tremendously impacted results that substantiated our original theory. Our next question was... why ? The answer to this very pertinent dilemma revolves around two critical points:

1. The shuffle and deal of the game.

2. The way the cards are put in the discard tray. 

It is absolutely impossible to shuffle 4,6 or 8 decks of cards in a mathematically random fashion. The procedures required would literally take hours. Secondly, it was apparent that the casinos understood that this non-random shuffle increased their win rates... and thus their ultimate take. Thirdly, it is clear that the way the game is dealt and the manner in which the discards are arranged in the discard rack further increases this negative mathematical bias. 

We all have clinically determined that card clumping patterns, like the ones in the following examples, can and will influence future shuffles and the resultant hands that are dealt.  

Not to sound immodest, but these sample patterns that I am about to reveal to you, again... FOR FREE, will hit you like a ton of bricks. This is because serious players have never analyzed the game from this unique perspective before! Blackjack actually is NOT an independent trial game.... NOT EVEN REMOTELY! The following examples will clearly demonstrate this: 

PATTERN 1. Assume there are 4 players at the table with the dealer. Five total hands will be dealt per round. The dealer's up-card in this round is a ten-valued card. 

Suppose the first player gets two ten-valued cards for a total of 20. He then stands. 

The second player gets a Blackjack and is immediately paid 3/2. The Ace-Ten then goes immediately into the discard tray. 

Player 3 has a 10 and a 9 for a total of 19 and stands. 

The fourth player has 2 queens for a total of 20 and stands.  

The dealer flips over his hole card revealing another 10 valued card for a total of 20. 

Player one pushes, two got a Blackjack, three lost with 19 and the fourth player also pushes with the dealer. 

The cards are now gathered in order and placed in the discard tray. 

Think about it. This creates a big slug of high valued, player favorable cards that are in the discard tray and will probably survive the inadequate shuffle which is to follow. 

Notice, when the player is immediately dealt two high-valued cards, the odds that the dealer will also get two high-valued cards are clearly increased. This form of distribution effectively pushes these high cards out of play and totally negates their effectiveness in producing winning hands. The high-valued cards sadly go to waste. And now, here come the remaining dreaded low-valued cards. The slaughter is just beginning. 

This type of losing card distribution repeats itself time after time under the commonly seen parameters just described. All good players know the drill at this point. The dealer will have a low-valued card as his up card. The players will stand on all of their stiff totals (12-16). 

The dealer then flips over his hold card. It invariably is a low card. He then hits and draws another low card. The next card produces a dreaded 10 and the game is OVER for the entire table.... game, set, and match! And, as the ensuing shoes are played and additional cards are dealt, more hands are lost. This wholesale annihilation will continue until all of the negative cluster of collected cards have been exposed. Now, let's look at another common discard pattern:

PATTERN 2. The High Deuce phenomena is another common diabolical card-clumping sequence that we spotted during our research. In this case, the dealer has a 9 as his upcard. Player 1 has a 10 and a 2 for a total of 12. Basic strategy dictates that the 12 be hit. The player gets a 10 valued card as his hit card, busts with 22. This three card slug of 10, 2, 10 gets immediately placed in the discard tray. Now, as more and more shoes are played, this situation keeps occuring and creates a phenomenon called THE HIGH DEUCE. In essence, the deuce is a 10 value card


So, we now know that Blackjack is NOT an independent trial game. And we have determined that CARD COUNTING simply does not work due to the numerous casino counter-measures such as low cut-card penetration and preferential random shuffling. 6/5 payoffs on blackjacks in many single and double deck games further frustrates the players.

  • The fact is, the Casinos have secretly INCREASED their house edge in multi-deck Blackjack games !

  • Playing "perfect" BASIC STRATEGY will no longer "keep you in the game" by itself. Consistent winning will demand further action! 

Card counting has become OBSOLETE! Our method requires no card counting... EVER! 

You have just seen two types of card clustering patterns that commonly impact multi-shoe play. There are many others. However, identifying the presence of card clustering and its ultimate influence on Blackjack play is one thing. Developing a winning strategy designed to take advantage of these nuances is quite another. However, the negative bias of clustered cards  can be overcome!  

With the technical contributions from John Taormino, Dominic Spence, and our select group of playing professionals, The GAMBLER'S EMPORIUM has done just that. We have developed a reactive strike against the multi-deck Blackjack game that is practical, easy to employ, and extremely effective. COMPAQ BLACKJACK - "THE ART OF WAR"  is not just a strategy....it is a weapon! 

"The Blackjack concepts we are about to reveal have never been published before. Read the facts! See for yourself why the uninformed player does not have a chance in multi-deck Blackjack games. Fortunately, there are 2 sides to every coin. See how our radical playing concept was developed and why it is producing incredible table results.

Be thankful that...Applied knowledge will always trump a negative casino bias.



COMPAQ BLACKJACK will show you how to observe a multi-deck shoe for both the lucrative positive and the deadly critical negative warning signs. You will no longer play in conditions where the player loses at a rate substantially higher than those that Basic Strategy play would dictate. The professional winning player must precisely know when to attack the table or when to take an appropriate evasive posture. By utilizing 5 simple rules, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will show you how to turn either one of these situations into a clear advantageous scenario by pre-qualifying the table before you play. Why play in negative expectation conditions again?  

COMPAQ BLACKJACK will teach you to determine when the edge is in your favor...and then how to subsequently implement a devastating betting strategy in order to compile large profits. COMPAQ'S CASH MASTER   money management technique is designed to totally maximize the winnings and then distributes them to you in a consistent and steady distribution ! 

In a nutshell, COMPAQ BLACKJACK will teach you...without card counting, how to eliminate the negative biased clumped games before entering play. 

Why continue to lose at a rate higher than Basic Strategy dictates? With COMPAQ BLACKJACK, you will always be able to get out of bad games with minimal damage. As for the good conditions, your win expectations will be unlimited.

Don't be cheated! The casinos are well aware of the fact that the non-random shuffle turns their multi-deck Blackjack games into a cash cow. Additionally, some casinos in Nevada sometimes do not change the cards in a shoe for up to 2 or 3 days. The cards are so worn and warped that they cannot rest on the table flatly! These unfavorable conditions further stack the odds against the uninformed player. Bottom line, all of the casinos who offer multi-deck Blackjack are legally CHEATING THEIR PLAYERS!

We must inoculate ourselves from this casino induced clumping "virus" by keeping our guard up at all times. We should never try to fight a negatively biased table...it would be like throwing your money directly into the sewer. Players would be better off mailing them a check instead of playing at these horrendous tables which are cleverly orchestrated by the casinos to fleece the unknowing public. COMPAQ BLACKJACK will act as your personal firewall against the multi-deck blackjack clumping virus.

CASH MASTER   Money Management 

The way we manage our money is as important as the five simple rules we must follow prior to entering a game. When we do chose to play, we will use an investment grade strategy. Our CASH MASTER  money management method will show you how to employ a 3 unit stop loss... but with winnings that are unlimited.....and are steady! With a basic win /loss sequence...you will win at least 13 units!!

COMPAQ BLACKJACK - "THE ART OF WAR" will be the most shocking piece of blackjack strategy literature you have ever read since the unveiling of Ed Thorpe's classic 10 count in "BEAT THE DEALER"! It will provide you with the critical professional knowledge and precise playing techniques necessary in order to consistently beat today's multi-deck Blackjack game.

COMPAQ BLACKJACK is easy to learn and simple to play! I will personally be delighted to walk you through all of the easy procedures. With your new knowledge and some innovative professional playing techniques...you will not just play casino Blackjack for amusement, you will play it for positive cash flow....a serious profit center! Just imagine, you can now lay low in the weeds until a table is ripe for the plucking...and then it will be your turn to attack. And attack you will!

See for yourself why COMPAQ BLACKJACK .....is....."THE ART OF WAR"!

Remember, COMPAQ BLACKJACK is specifically designed to create a consistent revenue flow. Play it full or part-time....you will have an income source for life. Many players are winning with COMPAQ BLACKJACK as we speak! Why not join them?  See how experts have finally turned the game of Casino Blackjack into a winning vocation."


 Read these recent testimonials for yourself...

To Richard Doppler: When I first read COMPAQ BLACKJACK'S theories regarding the non-random shuffle in the mailer you sent me, I was awestruck. Its description of the 2 dangerous card clumping scenarios was right on the mark. Now I know how the casino's manipulate the game to increase their win rate over the un-informed. I have been knocking the casinos for a loop every weekend I play!. I'm actually now ahead for the year. This is new, powerful material, unlike ANYTHING I have read in the past. I love you guys for letting this secret out. Chalk another one up for the "gang" at the Gambler's Emporium. You have given me my Golden Goose!

Jerry Millmen, N.Myrtle Beach, SC

I was one of the beta-testers for Compaq Blackjack - "The Art Of War". When I initially read it, I said to myself, "bullshit, this can't work". "John, who the heck is going to believe this"? Well, I am just about to eat the BIGGEST PIECE OF HUMBLE PIE EVER SERVED UP TO ME. Everything..... every word and principal included in this system is100% right on the money. This is certainly the best Blackjack strategy that ever came down the pike since card counting. I have never before seen in print the real reasons why basic strategy gets killed in the multi-deck shoe game. COMPAQ BLACKJACK simply knocked it out square on the head.  Trust me, I know. I have played and/or tested every Blackjack system ever put out, and none of them is in the same league as COMPAQ BJ. Taormino is right... nothing in this Universe is truly random. Having a strong statistical background myself, this fact was truly hard for me to admit. But it is a reality! This is a  strategy that yields professional results....it gets an "A" in my book. 

Kyle Redmond, Compton, CA

Dear John:
As you know, I manage a Dealer's School in AC. In fact, Dominic Spence was in one of our first graduating classes back in 1979. Dom and I have always been in touch...even after he turned "pro". He sent me an evaluation copy of COMPAQ BLACKJACK last summer.....said he was involved in the project's development for some time and wanted my opinions. He was very excited about the method. Dom knew I get to watch hundreds of practice hands dealt in my school...thought I could see the clumping bias for myself. Well, was I shocked! I saw the clustered card patterns repeat themselves in hands dealt after shuffling, time and time again. They are easy to spot when you know how to look for them. The cluster bias does exist. And your table pre-qualification method virtually eliminates play in "bad" action games.  I play the system at least twice a week and win regularly. I am glad my students don't know about COMPAQ BLACKJACK. Why deal the game when you can win playing the game? Thanks for the knowledge.

Peter D., Margate, NJ

Have you ever bought a strategy and had the opportunity to question its developer PRIOR TO PURCHASE? With COMPAQ BLACKJACK you can call John Taormino himself to answer any and all pre-purchase questions. We will provide his personal number.

You can email him any time at: ewmysc@aol.com for questions and inquiries.


 The cost for the COMPAQ BLACKJACK method is only US $150
(Includes Postage & Handling - $5 extra for overseas customers

After you buy COMPAQ BLACKJACK,  you may call John Taormino for one-on-one professional consultation.  You may call him at his personal Hotline Number. 

And of course, if you are not happy with COMPAQ BLACKJACK for any reason, you may return the method within 30 days for a full refund. 

Click here to order for a printout of the system delivered to you by air mail.

Thank you,
John Taormino,

Wishing you all the best,

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