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==============================================   Wednesday, February 25, 2009
IBS5 Success Stories

Hello everyone,

The new IBS5 system has nothing but positive feedback and success stories posted in the discussion forum.   This is to remind you that you have another 3 days left to take advantage of the huge 90% discount promotion going on for the purchase of IBS5. 

Now to the posted success stories, as purchasers report on their winnings, their experiences with IBS5 and their own added special techniques.

"I played live with IBS5 for the first time today. I played a total of 4 shoes. The first 3 were consecutive. Then I sat out the 4th shoe and came back in on the 5th shoe as I had an unresolved run left at the end of the 3rd shoe. My buy in was $2000 (200 units). I was playing at a $10 minimum mini-table. There were 4 other players at the table who played in all 4 shoes I played. My unit size was $10.

Before I give you the breakdown of my stats for the session, I want to define what I consider my "max drawdown". I consider my highest drawdown during a session as the highest amount I put "at risk" in order to complete any one particular run. Example: If the maximum amount I am down in a run is say, $170 (17 units) and the next bet I make is $180 (18 units), then I am risking a total of $350 (35 units), to win this run. In this case my max drawdown would be $350.

The highest bet during the 4 shoes was $210, 21 units
Max drawdown was $420, 42 units
Total Wins = 120
Total Losses = 119
Total number of hands = 239
Percentage of total hands actually bet = 49.8%
Highest number of consecutive losses = 6 (occurred once)

Out of 45 runs attempted, I successfully completed 45 and actually ended up netting $451.50 due to the way I handle Banker commissions. I tipped the dealer $11.50 so I walked away with $440, 44 units. The total time I spent actually playing Baccarat was just over 3 hours. I am very happy with the profit I made for those 3+ hours of effort."

"As some of you are aware, if you have read my previous posts, I spent a lot of time "practicing" IBS5 on probably in excess of 150 shoes. I spent the time because I wanted to be very sure I would be ready to play in a "live" environment. There have been times in the past when I "thought" I was competent with a system and when I actually tried playing live, things suddenly didn't go according to schedule and it was easy to become mentally disoriented. That uncertainty never became a factor tonight because I knew I was ready. I never felt hurried to make a decision. Everything just "clicked" as they say. And the casino I played in has a reputation for dealing hands rather fast compared to other casinos in the area that offer Baccarat.

My advice to anyone who makes the decision to invest in IBS5, is to make sure you commit yourself to thoroughly understanding the system before you attempt to use it. I believe it will return incredible dividends in the long run. IBS5 is not really a complicated system, nor is it a system that can be learned competently after spending 1 hour with the documentation. Each person will have his or her own learning curve with IBS5, depending on various factors, especially any previous experience with some of the concepts presented in the documentation. I believe that just about anyone can learn this system, provided that they spend the requisite time necessary to learn and practice it. And don't be afraid to ask Izak for help if you have questions. He's helped me many times when I needed it.

I am aware that there is always the possibility that I may have to eventually abandon a run once in awhile and sacrifice 150-165 units the longer I play but from what I've seen so far from the many, many shoes I played in practice, those times will, hopefully, be few and far between.

The 150 + shoes I played in "practice" were all completed without having to abandon a singe run. I didn't actually keep track of the total number of units as that was not the purpose of my efforts. The reason I was practicing was to make sure I could play the system so well that it would seem like second nature to me. I wanted to minimize the possibility of making mistakes when I played in a live environment. Even though I didn't keep an accurate track on total number of units won, overall IBS5 seems to produce a long term average of right around 11 units per shoe. This average appears to remain fairly constant. Some shoes win less than 11 units while others win more."

"I've had several people ask me about how I deal with banker commissions when playing Baccarat. I will try to explain my "method" without creating too much confusion.

As everyone should be aware of if they've read the IBS5 ad page, the objective is to complete a run. Ideally, each time you complete a run you should add 1 unit profit to your net total of units. What frequently happens is that during the time you are trying to complete a run, some of the bets you win will be banker bets and unavoidably you will be paying a commission which subtracts from your net total. Example: I play a series of hands that result in a completed run. I should have 1 unit profit. But while playing that series of hands, I made a total of $70 in bets on banker hands that won before I completed the run. So, I ended up paying $3.50 in commissions. My net total for he run is $6.50 (assuming $10 units), instead of the full $10 I would hope for. My objective in employing the method I do is to always "net" 1 full unit at the completion of each run. As I am playing, I keep a running total of how much I have paid in commissions. I indicate it on my score card in red to denote it is a negative amount because it is subtracting from the total units I have won. So, here is what I do to "compensate" for the commissions that are having a negative impact on my win total. Early on after I have paid a few dollars in commissions, the next time I have a losing hand I add 1 extra unit to the amount I need to win to make 1 unit profit at the end of the run. So, when I DO complete the run, I actually net 2 units instead of 1. I increase my net units won by 1 unit and take the other unit and put it in what I call my BCR (Banker Commission Reserve). A good analogy would be if you were to open a special savings account at your bank that is set up to handle unexpected expenses such as car repairs. My BCR is where I build up a reserve of money I have actually won from the casino instead of out of my own pocket. When I do win on a banker bet and pay a commission, I pay for it from the extra money I have put in my BCR. Here is the way I track it:

1st run:

Lose first two hands
Third hand I win on banker and pay 1.00 commission (record 1.00 in red)
4th and 5th hands lose
6th hand again wins on banker pay 1.50 commission (record 2.50 in red)
Next hand wins and I complete the run.
Even though I've resolved the run and netted 1 unit, I'm actually down $2.50 due to banker commissions.

2nd run:
First hand loses (It doesn't matter if you're betting on Player or Banker when this happens.) I add 1 extra unit to the amount I'm tracking that I need to win to come out 1 unit ahead when I complete the run. Now I will actually be winning 2 units when the run completes.
2nd and 3rd hands lose.
On the 4th hand I win my bet on Player (no commission to pay) and I am able to complete the run. I've now completed my second run. I add 1 unit to my net units total so I have 2 units there and I take the other unit I've won and add it to the -2.50 I'm down from the 1st run and my net BCR is 7.50 which I show on my scorecard in blue or black to denote it is a positive amount. As I play more runs and I pay commissions on banker wins, I pay for those commissions out of the reserve I have in my BCR account. When the reserve gets down to around 4 or 5, I just add another unit as described above. Of course there will be times when you're playing a run and bets may escalate to the point that some of your winning banker bets will be for amounts such that the commissions will "deplete" your reserve fairly quickly and even cause it to go negative. All I do is keep adding the 1 extra unit until my BCR is back in a positive condition. As I get closer to ending the current session I'm playing (which could cover multiple shoes), I try to plan it so that I have an amount in my BCR that I use for tipping the dealer. Let's say I have 27 units in net units. As long as I have a positive amount in my BCR (which the casino has graciously paid for by the way) I will be able to walk with the full 27 units. I try to have around $10-$15 in the reserve which I give to the dealer(s).

That's basically it. It may seem a little confusing at first. But after you practice it awhile, it should start to make sense and become fairly simple to use. What I like about it is that once you've built up a sufficient positive amount in the BCR, you just draw on it as the need arises to cover commission expenses. And when it gets low or goes negative, replenish it."

"I would estimate that one would actually win between 1650 and 1700 units for 150 shoes based on the averages I've been seeing during my practice sessions. Like I've stated in other posts, IBS5 seems to be holding a pretty strong average of around 11 units per shoe when played over a long series of shoes. In the live session I played last night I actually averaged 19+ units per shoe. Averages can vary considerably when you only play a few shoes at a time."

"The highest session bankroll need to win the entire Zumma 600 shoes without losing a single run was 165 units. I personally bought in for 200 units. So far, I haven't needed even close to half that. I just feel a little more comfortable with that as my sessions bankroll and playing $10 units. I am hoping that with continued success, I will eventually move up to larger units, but I'm not going to push it right now. I'm perfectly comfortable with where I am now."

"On Monday, 2/23 I played my second session of Baccarat live using IBS5. It turned out to be a really great session. It's what I would call a Baccarat player's dream (from an IBS5 perspective). There was one guy at the table that was losing pretty badly. After playing the first shoe I only played 26 hands in the second shoe before quitting, but I was able to walk with 24 units ($240). That's well above the typical 11-12 unit average per shoe for IBS5. And just in case anyone is wondering why I quit when I was doing so well, it's because I don't want to move "too fast". I want to take this one step at a time and build some confidence in myself using the system. It almost started to feel "too good to be true" and I guess I didn't want to chance having a sudden reversal in my luck. I wanted to quit on a high and feel good about what just happened.

The highest bet during the 1+ shoes was $130, 13 units
Max drawdown was $270, 27 units
Total Wins = 50
Total Losses = 39 (Very good win to loss ratio for such a short series)
Total number of hands = 89
Percentage of total hands actually bet = 56%
Highest number of consecutive losses = 5 (occurred once)"

"The time it takes to play a shoe depends on which casino I play in. The Silver Legacy generally deals faster than the other two casinos in Reno that have Baccarat. At the Legacy I would say the average time to play a shoe is between 45 and 50 minutes. At the casino next door, they're a little more relaxed about the whole affair and it usually takes a little more than an hour to play a shoe. The session I detailed above took pretty close to 1 hour and 20 minutes. Since I walked with $240 after 1.3 hours of effort, the numbers say I made $184 per hour. I also made another $240 tonight but I had to complete almost 2 full shoes before I quit. Total time spent was just under 2 hours."

"If you take the time to learn the system thoroughly, it takes very little time to decide what your next play will be. I'm sure there are things that you have learned to do so well that you really don't have to think twice about how to do it. Without consciously thinking about it, I find myself doing "what if" scenarios while I'm waiting for a hand to be played. So basically, I've already figured out how I'm going to play the next hand depending on the outcome of the current hand. The majority of decisions are very quick and easy to make. There will be times occasionally, however, that will require more deliberate thought. Anything worthwhile is going to take a little time and extra effort to master. But the more you do it the easier it becomes. The decision making process has become so second nature to me now that I can't say that I've felt rushed at all."

"My goal at each session right now is to play two shoes. After completing the first shoe, I continue into the next shoe as if the two were combined into one big shoe. My goal while in the second shoe is to "wrap" things up by the 45th hand when playing at the Legacy because they have a tendency on average of dealing 10 fewer hands per shoe than the other two casinos in my area that offer Baccarat. If I'm playing at the El Dorado, I try to "wrap" things up the the 55th hand. In other words, I would prefer not to start a new run beyond the 55th or 45th hand. (as the case may be) Sometimes, it's just unavoidable because the cards are controlling the action and I have to start a 3rd shoe but as soon as I complete my very next run, I quit."

"To-Date IBS5 Results Summary

First live session: 02-21-09
Total sessions played:3
Total shoes played (approx):8
Total units won:92 ($920)
Average units per shoe:11.5

Current IBS5 Session Summary

Unit size: $10
Date played:02-24-09

Total units won:24 ($240)
Total hands played:130
Total winning hands:64
Total losing hands: 66
Highest bet:20 units ($200)
Highest drawdown:52 units ($520)
Percentage of actual played hands:49%
Highest number of consecutive losses:6 (Once)

Comments: One run became a little challenging for a short time but was soon resolved."

Those are really fantastic results, as expected from how IBS5 should perform.  Thank you for all the feedback.

IBS5 is only $150, a deal not to be missed for the best system ever designed to beat all even games on the long run with consistent profits.

Click here to order for an email delivery of the system.  You will receive the system e-book, which consists of about 28 pages of easy reading, but needing thorough studying and practicing and an Excel spreadsheet simulation for 41,008 decisions, that can alternate between the Zumma tester book decisions and random decisions, by the click of a button.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  If the system's performance is not to your liking, which I doubt very much, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and, as you all know, I always honor my guarantees.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,

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