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====================================================    Thursday, July 27, 2006
Q and A on PerryB's Roulette and Craps Systems

Hello everyone,

There has been a tremendous amount of interest on Perry Benedik's Roulette and Craps systems, particularly on 30,000 Roulette Dozens announced on January 29, 2006 and on Winning at Craps announced June 5, 2006 at the LTW discussion forum as well as in individual emails to Perry (pbenedik@hotmail.com).  Perry's systems are very good, because they never involve any steep progressions, they use mostly flat bets, they are very controlled in terms of reducing risk of losing, they take advantage of winning streaks that come in clusters and they use smart betting selections depending on what happens on the tables.  I highly recommend them to you in order to improve your overall gaming and profitability, as the systems documents come with lots of useful information in terms of solid ideas, suggested recommended and not recommended strategies at very affordable prices.

We'll go over some of the interesting questions and answers on those systems in this newsletter.

First, here is PerryB's description of his study on systems:

"My study of 30,000 Roulette Dozens covered the spins that were produced at only one 0/00 Roulette table for a period of five months (from 5-04-05 to 10-04-05), and 30,550 actual live-play Roulette dozens were recorded at that table.

After extending the study to cover a full year, Best-Bet #1 (a single-dozen bet) has proven to be one of the most reliable betting methods that I have ever devised and played myself. By waiting for the right betting-entry points, and applying strict stop-loss limits (of not more than -4 units per session), it produced a total profit of +295 units over a 12-month period, while NEVER increasing betting units to more than 1-unit per bet.

Even though there are many who will not be very impressed by such results, to me this represents an average of almost +25 units of clear profit per month, and a 12-month profit of +295% on a lifetime-security bankroll of only 100 units.

At the end of the 12-month period (roughly 100,000 live-play spins), I got busy with a project on Craps, and entrusted further record-keeping to a reliable individual who is a regular at the very same Roulette table. (I just had to find out if Best-Bet #1 would continue to perform so well, even when I was not there to see it for myself. Would its reliable first-year results keep on as before, or had it only been a lucky year - just a fluke?)

Well, for anyone who may be interested, just three weeks into its 13th month (from 5-05-06 to 5-27-06), Best-Bet #1 has so far produced an additional +33 units of profit, and asserted itself to me as one of the most reliable long-term betting strategies that can be applied to Roulette.

By following up the ongoing behavior and progress of Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1, after more than 100,000 live-play spins, and more than 13 months of both playing and testing at other tables, I'm convinced that it's a reliable and consistent money-maker.


Q: I would like to know how you are approaching a single dozen in your strategy?

A: 30,000 Roulette Dozens is much more than a "system" - it is an education about the general behavior of the conventional dozens in a 00 Roulette game. (Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 is only one of several betting-methods that are suggested.)

Q: Can your bet selection method be applied to the columns as well to enhance the profitability of the system and also to be able to play the system with smaller units?

A: I have been asked before about betting the columns in the same way as I would bet the dozens. The only thing I can say is that while I have not kept any data on the columns, I believe that over the course of several thousand spins, they should not behave any differently than the dozens.

However, I have found that the most important part of any betting method is not so much the actual bet selections. The application of a sound long-term money management plan will keep your bankroll intact, even through the losing periods that happen to ALL betting methods. (With its 2 to 1 payoffs on winning bets, Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 always recovers easily from any "slumps" that it encounters, without ever increasing its 1-unit bets.)

30,000 Roulette Dozens can show you how and when to make this and other dozen-bets by using strategic entry and exit points. Rather than just losing your money trying to figure out the right bets to make in an effort to come out ahead, they will give you the best opportunities to get the most out of your bankroll.

For the past 3 days, rather than only the one table as I have been using for all of my data, I have been recording what the results of Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 would have been on other Roulette tables, as if I had been walking around the casino, and making the appropriate bets at the appropriate times. I wrote down the spins that were produced there (only after a betting-trigger came up, and taking the marquee results as being 100% accurate.) The results were as follows:

Wednesday, May 31-06: (60 minutes)
Table # 8: +1 units
Table #12: +4 units
Table #13: +7 units
Table #23: +2 units
Table #26: +3 units
(Total: +17 units)

Thursday, June 1-06: (50 minutes)
Table #12: +3 units
Table #14: +5 units
Table #26: +3 units
Table #99: +2 units
(Total: +13 units)

Friday, June 2-06: (55 minutes)
Table #12: +1 unit
Table #14: -4 units
Table #20: +2 units
Table #24: +1 unit
Table #26: -4 units
Table #99: +1 unit
(Total: -3 units)

Grand Total for 3 days: +27 units

(Perry has been posting his daily results of live play since May 2006.  Winning sessions have outnumbered losing ones. Some of you may have noticed that winning sessions usually take a lot more time than losing ones. That's because with Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 you keep on playing it when you're winning, and stop playing it when you're not.)

Q: Perry, it seems that to move around between tables is a positive for your dozens system, because you can see which tables are performing well and those that are not and bet accordingly. Would it not also be an advantage to pick off a unit here and there rather than be planted at one table?

A: Tables that are not performing well usually means that betting-triggers are not appearing there, and accordingly, no bets are made at those tables. Besides each betting-trigger can only cost you -2 units at the most, if it fails to produce any following wins at all. If this happens twice in a row at any table (-4 units), then no more bets are made at that table.

If you only go for "picking off a unit here and there", while you are certainly locking up a quick +2 units, you are precluding yourself from making more wins at that table when a winning trend continues to win. (That's how you can sometimes make wins of +6 to +10 units or more per session.)

Q: Perry, I was just wondering if this system is a purely mechanical one with certain triggers based on a formula for entry and exit, or are the triggers subjectively based?

In other words if 2 people sat down at the same roulette table and started playing your system at exactly the same time (which includes waiting for the appropriate trigger) would they both achieve the same result if they followed your system exactly as you have stated?

I ask this because I for one have difficulty "reading" a table, shoe or any sequence of past results in order to commence betting. Where I play I find a number of people who appear to look for patterns and sequences and this then forms the basis of their decision making. This works for some people but for myself, whilst I recognize that it is silly to bet on every spin/hand, I tend to go round in circles trying to figure out what the pattern is. However if there were certain rules set in concrete that can be applied then I find this easier on the mind. Is this the case with your Single-Dozen Best-Bet system?

A: If two people would start playing Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 at the same table at exactly the same time, they would indeed achieve the same results.

Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1 is really quite simple in its application, and here's what the basic game plan looks like. Waiting for the "betting-trigger" to appear is nothing more than waiting to see a virtual-win of the the bet selection that you are going to play. (If you try and win by playing the bet selection at EVERY opportunity, you'll end up losing.)

Just to give you an example, if you're betting on red at Roulette, you just don't make a bet until you see one appear. You may occasionally get caught in several consecutive single-red series here and there, causing you to lose several bets in a row. But you'll never get caught chasing your losses on every spin, and lose any long betting progression to an unusually-long run of blacks.

This way, when you're just a bit patient, you'll always be in on every long run of reds, while not losing a big part of your bankroll to any long runs of black. (This is precisely what I mean when I say: "Control your losses, and the wins will take care of themselves.")

If you don't follow and apply the rules of Single-Dozen Best-Bet #1, then you are certain to end up like almost everyone else - only recovering losses (if you're lucky), but never compiling profits. When we make up our minds to strictly limit our losses, that's perhaps the biggest advantage that we have in the casino - the choice about when NOT to make any more bets. (Sadly, I have not seen very many bettors who use this choice wisely.)

Q: I have a question regarding the results you have been posted on the LTW Forum. At the beginning of the thread you state that over a 12 month period (i.e. 100,000 spins) you achieved a profit of 295 units. So if we say there are say 40 spins per hour then that equates to 2,500 hours or 150,000 minutes to achieve 295 units.

Then when I analyze the results you have posted on the thread (up to June 21st) you have achieved 107 units profit taking only 1615 minutes.

This is a massive difference and I am starting to have huge doubts about this system. Of course I will only really know when I have tested it myself, but I would really appreciate it if you could explain the above results.

A: The profit of +295 units for a year was made on one Roulette table only. The most-recent results that I have been posting on the LTW discussion forum is only since I have started checking to see how things would work out if I were playing at all 11 Roulette tables on one floor, as well as 4 more
tables on the floor below. In other words, the 107 units of profit that have been made over nearly 27 hours of play (1615 minutes), was the result of simulated betting sessions at 15 Roulette tables - all within the very same time period.

If we level the playing-field by multiplying the +295 units (of profit that was made in a year at one Roulette table only) times 15 Roulette tables, we get +295 x 15 = +4,425 units of profit - with NO increase in the 2,500 hours that would have been spent playing them. By playing at 15 such Roulette
tables for the same 2,500 hours that were spent at the "+295" table, that gives us +4,425 units divided by the same 2,500 hours, for an average profit of +1.77 units of profit-per-hour over the course of a year. (It's like operating a chain of 15 stores that are all open for business in different
areas every day, compared to operating only one store during the very same "open-for-business" hours every day.)

The 15 tables that produced +107 units in 27 hours averaged +3.96 units per hour. While this 27 hours experienced some exceptionally good runs, I honestly feel that this average of almost +4 units of profit-per-hour is quite a bit higher than what we should realistically expect all the time.
Comparing this to the +1.77 units-per-hour average that was projected in the previous paragraph, I would not be very surprised at all to see this profit-per-hour average come down a bit after playing at the same 15 tables for a whole year.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards.


Q: If this particular method of when to bet had any substantial merit, why the stop loss?

A: I'm sure that you've been gambling long enough to have experienced days when you just can't seem to be able to win a bet for love or money, and instead of getting better, things only get worse.

When you take an aggressive stance about losing, and just keep throwing money, these are the days that can cost you a bundle. They can get your bankroll into a very deep hole, and make you wish that you'd put down the shovel and stopped digging a long time ago. Hasn't that ever happened to you? (That's why the stop-loss.)

If we don't learn anything from our mistakes, then we'll always be doing the same things, and expecting different results.

Q: You make no specific reference to wins and/or losses with any of the strategies included in the offer. Do you have any data with regard to the performance of specific methods against the logged spins included in the offer?

A: Although my 5-month study of 30,000 Roulette Dozens includes various suggested ways to bet on the dozens, when I decided to extend it to 12 months (about 100,000 spins), I focused all of my attention on what I found to be the most-productive betting method, and called it Single-Dozen
Best-Bet #1.

By applying over the 12 months a stop-loss limit of -6 units per session, the track-record of this single-dozen betting method (with its 2 to 1 payoff on winning bets) was: Won +1,925 (= +3,850) and Lost -3,609 = +241 units (Winning % = 34.78%). However, when a stop-loss limit of only -4 units per
session is applied, just by getting involved in fewer bets, the total number of bets that are Lost is much lower, and the betting method's Winning % easily surpasses 35%. This lower stop-loss limit resulted in a (net) saving of about 54 units, bringing the overall 12-month profit up to +295 units.
(During the 12 months, there were 77 sessions that ended at -6 units.)

By the way, in many live-game situations, I have also used Best-Bet #2 as well (another single-dozen betting attack), and often seen it perform just as effectively as Best-Bet #1. Although I cannot provide you with actual statistics about Best-Bet #2, I'm certain that by applying similar stop-loss and stop-win limits over the long-term, it is also an overall winner.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope this helps to answer your question.

Q: By the way, in your extensive tests and live play have you found that both strategies (#1 and #2) are equally as good or is one better than the other?

A:  I couldn't help but notice that just as Best-Bet #1, when it gets hot, it's like a runaway train, and you can either just get out of its way, or get on board. If you have enough of a bankroll for both, you could certainly give it a try. But be sure to remember that the same stop-win and stop-loss limits should always apply here as well.

Q: I will agree with you on the CONDITION that the punter has found a 100% winning system that has a reasonable bankroll. drawdown. So far, I have not been fortunate enough to discover this. So for me, I play several systems and keep playing until the inevitable downturn, and then I quit or abandon the system for a different one, which may or may not be successful. I have yet to see ANY system that can be played blindly with success.

A: Success at gambling is indeed very difficult, but not impossible. The only problem is that the great majority of bettors want a betting method that never lets them down. This is NOT possible, because there is no "holy grail" betting method at gambling. At one time or another, every system fails, and your overall success depends on how much of a loss you're going to take when it does. The only "holy grail" in gambling is within yourself, and how you decide to handle your wins and losses. (See "EVERY SYSTEM IS A WINNER" http://www.dicesetter.com/pb/p5system.htm)

Q: Can you give us some results from your Craps Methods? It seems you have several approaches, but some typical results would be nice to see.

A: Sorry, but in keeping with my own personal policy of strict honesty at all costs, I cannot supply you with what you are asking. Even though this may very well result in the loss of some potential sales, at least I know that I can sleep well at night knowing that I haven't told any lies just to separate anyone from some of their money.

If all I wanted to do was promote lots of sales, I could have easily quoted you chapter-and-verse about how many units-per-hour you're going to make using the betting methods that are described in Winning At Craps. I could have put together some slick advertising stuff about using my craps betting methods to "add to your retirement fund", or "pay for your kids' college educations". But that wouldn't be honest, and it wouldn't be fair to anyone who has become accustomed to any credibility and integrity that I may have established over the years on this discussion forum.

As it said in the newsletter about my craps betting methods, "....don't expect to find any exaggerated claims about how rich you're going to get by using them. That depends entirely on the trends of the game, and how you handle them."

However, I can honestly tell you that typical positive results for all methods of play described in Winning At Craps can be found in EVERY roll-by-roll compilation of craps table-charting that you can find anywhere. You'll really understand just what I mean when you see them work at the craps tables with your own eyes. (Many of my suggested and recommended betting methods in Winning At Craps are so simple in their application, yet so powerful, you'll wonder why you didn't think of them yourself.)

A small testimonial on Perry's integrity and honesty:

"I would like to confirm that IMHO, PerryB is honest and is working in the best interests of the player, and not just himself. He is not a system scammer and any money spent with Perry will be money well spent for what you receive in knowledge and profit.                Michael"

Q: Has anyone tried these Crap methods?

A: I tried some of them out myself for a while (again) just the other day, however, even though perhaps I should have, I didn't record every roll. (But I did use the best score-keeping device I know - my own pocket.)

Here's the bottom-line on what happened, using only $5 bets, and following the betting entry and exit points described in Winning At Craps:

Don't Pass bets: +3 units

Pass bets: +5 units

Field bets: +8 units (I am sometimes quite astounded by this one myself.)

Place Numbers: (did not play)

Q: Perry,  what can I expect after putting the strategies into use in the way of expected gain per time invested. Possibly you could relate your experience using these strategies.

A: It has been my experience that anyone who puts a "gain per time invested" value in order to sell anything that's gambling-related is more-than-likely just trying to take your money, and run. While making money at gambling is certainly not easy, it's definitely possible. But it can only be done in the
same way any well-run business that applies strict money-management principles through good times, as well as bad.

Quoting a line from the newsletter release, ".......don’t expect to find any exaggerated claims about how rich you’re going to get by using them. That depends entirely on the trends of the game, and how you handle them."

Q: Perry, I am interested in your craps method but again can you give me some idea how often I would have an opportunity to bet? I am not looking for a lot of action or a get rich scheme but I don't want to spend eight hours in the casino each day either. Either way I will try your craps system

A: When applying almost all of the methods described in Winning At Craps, there is very little waiting for betting opportunities. The flow of the game itself provides regular and frequent entry points at any craps table for all betting methods.

Q: Perry, can you relate some of your results using you method?

A: It's really hard to quote you chapter-and-verse about why and how much certain things consistently win when they do - it's just the way many things happen in recurring and reliable ways at craps.

Recognizing money-making opportunities at any kind of gambling is a lot like a day-trader who comes out ahead because of his "smarts" in his field of expertise.

Q:  Is there a recommended bankroll and what drawdowns have you experienced?

A: There is not any one recommended bankroll or drawdown that can cover all of the betting methods described in Winning At Craps. They're all different, and it depends on which one you're planning to use. (If you make bets on the numbers, you'll obviously need a much bigger bankroll than if you're just
going to be betting on the Pass line.) But I can tell you that for the even-money bets, such as Pass or Don't Pass, stop-loss limits are set low in order to avoid turning small losses into big ones.

Q: Perry, you have listed the profits on roulette on the LTW forum. Can you list the profits you have made on your Pass/DP Come/DC in a similar manner for me so I can get some idea of how the method performs for you?

A: Sorry, but I did not go into as much detail about actual total profits that can be made by using my suggested betting methods at craps. However, Pass and Don't Pass betting is based on overall data on more than 40,000 Pass and Don't Pass decisions that was gathered over a period of several years. (This data is included in Winning At Craps.) I have almost always come out ahead when using the suggested Pass and Don't Pass betting attacks.

There are NO betting methods that revolve around either Come or Don't Come bets. It has been my experience that they are counter-productive in the long run, and only serve to get more money out of your pocket, and into the casino's coffers.

The only thing that I can assure you about is that all betting methods advocate the use of low stop-loss limits in order to minimize risks and prevent big losses when things don't go according to plan. Then when things start to go your way, there is less to recover, and getting out of the hole and into the plus column is much quicker.

Q: Perry, Regarding all suggested and recommended betting methods are guaranteed to show you some of the best ways to go about minimizing your risks, and maximizing your rewards at craps.
Will this result in a profit over a long time period? Simple question. I won't play craps to enjoy the game but I will play craps to make a profit over the long term. There a lots of free articles written about craps to minimize risk and maximize rewards but not make an overall profit so if this is just more information on how to become a tough player (lose at the house edge over time) then I am not interested but if I can make a profit long term by following your advice then I will buy your system. This is not a trick question so I can come back later and say you guaranteed me to be a winner and ask for a refund but a genuine question to determine what I can expect from my purchase.

A: While I compliment you on your diligence at trying to find the "best bang for your buck" at casino gambling, the only guarantee of profitability is YOURSELF, and how you handle all situations as they arise in the gambling arena.

Any kind of confidence or guarantees about profit that you may secure from any system seller will always depend on how well you are prepared to apply the strict disciplines that are sometimes required, especially when it comes to losses. You must also be prepared to learn how and when to take small wins. If you can master these disciplines, then the only thing that stands between you and success at gambling is just "not too much bad luck" -  something that even the biggest and best businesses need in order to have the chance to prosper. (While you always need to break some eggs to make an omelet, if the whole carton of eggs falls on the floor, there'll be no omelet.)

There are no "trick bets" in Winning At Craps - nothing that you haven't seen before on a craps table. However, I can certainly say with a great degree of confidence that your purchase will show you some innovative and profitable ways to go about betting at a craps table that you may not have thought about before. Even if you have thought about some of them, you will perhaps see how sometimes taking "the road less-traveled" will often lead you to your profit goals much more quickly and efficiently than the way most others try and go about it. (If you want to come out ahead, just knowing how to gamble is not anywhere as important as knowing when NOT to.)


Perry Benedik (PerryB) has always called upon his thirty-plus years of casino gambling experience as a respected contributor to various subjects on serious gambling website discussion forums, notably, www.LetsTalkWinning.com, www.dicesetter.com, and www.axispower.proboards12.com.

While the majority of his background includes personal long-term studies on craps and baccarat, his thoughts and ideas about other casino-related subjects have always been well-received and highly-regarded by both readers and website moderators alike.

Some of PerryB’s own written articles on craps were published on www.dicesetter.com, and quite often leave the reader with some serious food for thought about how to approach the difficult goal of coming out ahead at the casino.

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Wishing you all the best,

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