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==================================================== Friday, March 23, 2001

Betting on Horses and Sports Betting Tool

Hello everyone,

We haven't dealt with two subjects for quite a long time now. We should not
neglect sports betting or betting on horses. You can make big bucks in those fields if you know how.

Here is an article by Lothar Christ, the expert on horse betting:

"When we are talking about horse racing, we are constantly told that class, weight and fitness are the three most important things to consider. But what do we really know or understand about these factors?, and to what degree do they influence a race?
Let's take a look at class in the first instance, and see if we can discover anything that we may have overlooked in the past. As good punters we should be well aware that a maiden is a horse, that has never won a race, and once a horse wins a maiden, it can never contest another maiden race. This is followed by the country classes A-D, although these are becoming rarer, and will hopefully be completely phased out. Next are classes C1 trough C6, C1 meaning the horse has won one race, C2 two races, C3 three races and so on until C6.
It would seem to be easy to compare a maiden to a C6 horse, but what about a C1 and C2, or a C5 compared to a C6? We've got to remember that just because a horse runs in a C6 race, does not mean that it has actually won 6 races, as horses can be accepted into higher classes, even if they have not contested the lower classed events. However at the same token a horse having won four races, can't enter any races lower than a C4. (Remember that 4 wins, comprises of a maiden, C1, C2, and C3 win). When we look at races from maidens through to C6, other factors need to be assessed to find an eventual winner. Current fitness, weight to be carried, the jockeys ability, track conditions etc. Really, would you like to make a judgement between two horses just because one horse has had one or two extra wins? He may well have had ten to twenty extra starts to achieve this. Many punters do this, and are then often confused as to why so many long shots win. The fact is that they don't look at enough factors to compare horses in lower grade fields.
I personally group my horses into Maidens, C1-C4, and C5-open handicaps, with each type of race in my groupings, as having an equal footing. I then look at all the other factors that can influence a race. Can we possibly distinguish class by the wins or place percentage of a given horse?
Especially when we are looking at the lower end of the scale, the country, provincial and mid-week city races. If we were confident in our understanding of the full class system, we could say yes, but be honest with yourself, are you that knowledgeable, and are you confident that no other factors need to be considered?
It would be easy to find the relative class of a horse by comparing its
runs, in the types of races it was competing in, unfortunately many trainers chop and change the types of races their charges are in. One day at Orange NSW in a C2 over 1200m, a week later a mid-week city meeting restricted handicap over 1600m. This alone makes form analysis a difficult task. Bad races and unplaced results of a horse can be looked at to see if a horse is contending a race well beyond him on past performance. (I spend a lot of time, looking at form guides to see why a horse can't win, it usually eliminates over half the field, making winner selection that much easier.
This is not perfect as there are always the odd 40/1 or 100/1 long shots that seem to defy every logical aspect we look at,)
We can also use prize-money as a way of forming an opinion of class, races where prize-money is broken down into $1,000 events, $5,000 events, $10,000 events and so on. However we determine class in our selection we must remain consistent, and always look at other influencing factors. Other factors will be explored in future issues, so until then, as always GOOD PUNTING!


For more information on horse betting you can contact Lothar directly by email at:

Well, don't underestimate horses. They may have contributed to lots of things that we never thought of. Read the following and you will know what I mean:

The US standard railroad gauge (width between the two rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and the US railroads were built by English expatriates. Why did the English build them like that? Because the first rail lines were built by the same people who built the pre-railroad tramways, and that's the gauge they used. Why did "they" use that gauge then? Because the people who built the tramways used the same jigs and tools that they used for building wagons which used that wheel spacing. Okay! Why did the wagons have that particular odd wheel spacing?
Well, if they tried to use any other spacing, the wagon wheels would break on some of the old, long distance roads in England, because that's the spacing of the wheel ruts. So who built those old rutted roads? The first long distance roads in Europe (and England) were built by Imperial Rome for their legions. The roads have been used ever since. And the ruts in the roads? Roman war chariots first formed the initial ruts, which everyone else had to match for fear of destroying their wagon wheels. Since the chariots were made for (or by) Imperial Rome, they were all alike in the matter of wheel spacing. The United States standard railroad gauge of 4 feet, 8.5 inches derives from the original specification for an Imperial Roman war
chariot. Specifications and bureaucracies live forever. So the next time you are handed a specification and wonder what horse's ass came up with it, you may be exactly right, because the Imperial Roman war chariots were made just wide enough to accommodate the back ends of two war horses. Thus, we have the answer to the original question. When we see a Space Shuttle sitting on its launch pad, there are two big booster rockets attached to the sides of the main fuel tank. These are solid rocket boosters, or SRBs. The SRBs are made by Thiokol at their factory in Utah. The engineers who designed the SRBs might have preferred to make them a bit fatter, but the SRBs had to be shipped by train from the factory to the launch site. The railroad line from the factory had to run through a tunnel in the mountains. The SRBs had to fit through that tunnel. The tunnel is slightly wider than the railroad track, and the railroad track is about as wide as two horses' behinds. So, the major design feature of what is arguably the world's most advanced transportation system was determined over two thousand years ago by the width of a horse's behind.

Sports Betting Tool

I have been recently introduced to a tool to pick winners in sports betting.
This tool is really amazing. The concept for the system was thought up by two Las Vegas bookmakers. It has been in development for 3 years and tested for the last two years. It is truly the most phenomenal system ever invented to predict the outcome of major sporting events. What makes this such an effective system is the unbelievable rate of success that it has. It is rarely wrong. Hundreds of hours were spent researching and studying stats, trends, streaks, slumps, good luck, bad luck, and flukes. Then they have been converted into a system that eventually turned into a user-friendly software that does nothing but pick winners! And now you can have it right in the palm of your hands for a very low one-time fee of only $24.95!

There are a great many benefits to this system...
Firstly, the system will never become obsolete. It will never require
upgrades of any kind nor will it need any in the future. It will last you
forever! With most sports forecasters, (and very few have talent) you have to pay them for every game they pick for you, and it is definitely more than a one-time fee of $24.95.

Secondly, the system is so easy to use, you could pick a whole slate of games in 5 minutes and have nothing but winners when your are done!
Finally, the greatest benefit about the system is the price. How could you make a bet or enter a sports pool without it? This system is invaluable to you if you take part in sports pools or if you live in a part of the world where you can legally bet on sports. This system could make you very rich with very little effort on your part. This is a one-time investment of only $24.95 that could change your life. Click here to purchase the tool.

Here are some questions and answers on the system:

Q: Does the system really work?

A: Absolutely! We have tested the system extensively for two years and the results have been remarkable. Nobody can be perfect, but this is the closest that I have ever seen!

Q: Is the system easy to use?

A: Absolutely. It takes approximately 15 seconds to get your winner picked. All that you have to do is answer a few simple questions about the game and the system will do the rest. You could predict 20 games in less than 10 minutes!.

Q: Do I have to buy a new program every year?

A: No. This system never expires. You will never have to purchase another system again. It also doesn't have a limit to the number of games that you can predict. This software will work for you forever!

Q: If the system works so well and I can make me so much money, why is it so inexpensive to purchase?

A: We feel this is a fair price for software. There was no need to gouge the consumer. We felt if we offered a great product at a great price, then more people would purchase it, instead of offering a great product at a high price. We figured we would generate the same revenue either way, so why not go with the option that benefits the consumer, and that's what we have done.

Q: What if I don't know the answer to one of the questions?

A: Simple, just go to one of the many links that I have provided to get any statistical information that you may require. You won't need to look hard for the information. Also the system does not require that you answer every single question in case you cannot find an answer.

Click to order.

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Take care and best of luck to you always!



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